Terms of sale of goods


1.1. These conditions establish the procedure for interaction between the online store andretan.ua and customers of the online store andretan.ua - individuals and legal entities that place an order through the "Basket" service located on the andretan.ua website (hereinafter referred to as the site).

1.2. Online store andretan.ua sells and delivers goods throughout Ukraine. Attention! Due to the situation in the country, delivery to the Crimea, as well as to some cities and towns of Lugansk and Donetsk regions is not possible!

1.3. Online store andretan.ua sells goods at retail. The action of the return of goods is carried out in accordance with the law of Ukraine “On the protection of rights”.

1.4. By placing an order on the site, the client unconditionally agrees to follow these conditions and confirms that he is familiar with them.



2.1. An order is placed by the client by adding goods to the basket.

2.2. An order is deemed to have been duly executed if:

2.2.1. the client has filled in all the fields of the form, allowing to identify the client and contact him: Full name / name; delivery address; contact number; Email address desired payment procedure (payment methods are listed in clause 5.1.); desired type of delivery of goods.



3.1. The manager of the online store andretan.ua, upon receipt of the order, checks the availability of goods and, if the order is placed in accordance with paragraph 2.2. of these conditions, accepts the order and contacts the customer to confirm the details.

3.2. From the moment of acceptance of the order by the online store andretan.ua, the client has the right to refuse the order or make changes to the order (delete / add goods to the order, change the characteristics of the goods (color, size, quantity, etc.). After payment of the invoice, the removal of goods out of order is not allowed.



4.1. Employees of the online store andretan.ua form an order. Orders with the status “PROCESSED”, formed and confirmed before 18-00, are sent the next day in the morning. In the event that you placed an order on a weekend or holiday, its dispatch is shifted to the second business day following the day of placing the order. Sender's city - Kiev.

4.2. In the absence of any product in the online store andretan.ua, the employee checks the availability of the entire network and draws up an internal movement after agreeing the terms with the customer. If the goods are not available throughout the network, the manager of the online store andretan.ua can offer the client to replace the missing goods with any other goods. With the consent of the client, another proposed product is added to the order.

4.3. At the time of completion of the order on the website of the online store andretan.ua, the client receives a notification about the status of the order and the selected payment method by e-mail specified at checkout.



5.1. Payment for the order is made in the following ways:

5.1.1. Payment upon receipt (cash on delivery) at any branch of New Mail.

5.1.2. Pay by card online

5.1.3. Payment via liqpay system

5.1.4. Cash on delivery

Attention! The fee for sending funds through the services of the carrier company New Mail is paid by the buyer. The cost of transferring cash on delivery is 20 UAH + 2% of the amount (The amount of the fee is set by the Nova Poshta tariffs). When paying for an order with a Visa or MasteCard on the site immediately after placing the order through the liqpay system, payment takes place directly on the site’s page and is protected by security certificates. You pay only the cost of goods, the commission when paying online is not charged.



6.1. Delivery of goods through the territory of Ukraine is carried out by the Nova Posta delivery service.

6.2. Delivery of goods outside the territory of Ukraine is carried out by the Ukrposhta delivery service.

6.3. The online store-warehouse andretan.ua is considered to have fulfilled its obligation to deliver the order at the time of delivery to the delivery service. The risk of death or damage to the goods after they are transferred to the delivery service is borne by the client.

6.4. Separate deliveries of each commodity item with one order are also paid separately.

6.5. The Buyer also pays at his own expense the amount of remittance commissions for the purchased goods, incl. "Cash on" carrier company. In order to avoid additional commissions when paying for an order, we recommend a secure form of payment directly on the site through the electronic payment system of PrivatBank Liqpay or using Privat-24 to a Privat Bank card (in some cases, the bank charges an additional commission).

6.6. Sending an order in Ukraine is carried out within 1-3 business days from the receipt of the order. The fulfillment of this period depends on the availability of goods in the warehouse of the online store, as well as in the retail chain of stores in Kiev.