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Loyalty program Loyalty program

To become a member of the ANDRE TAN loyalty program:

  • It is necessary to make a purchase in one of the shops.
  • Fill out the form, confirming your agreement to the program terms and conditions.
  • Get a discount card by phone number.

ANDRE TAN loyalty program privileges:

  • With the accumulation of UAH 5,000, the cardholder with the next purchase receives a 5% discount.
  • If you accumulate an amount of UAH 15,000, the cardholder with the next purchase receives a 10% discount.
  • Upon accumulation of the sum of 50 000 UAH, the participant receives a VIP card with a discount of 20% *.
  • ANDRE TAN Discount Card is valid in the entire network of "ANDRE TAN" TM stores, regardless of the city and issuing store: in ANDRE TAN, ANDRE TAN KIDS stores, according to the terms of the Discount Program.
  • Birthday Gift - 30% off women's clothing. For children the discount is 10% on birthday. Privileges are valid 3 days before the birthday, on the birthday and 3 days after the birthday, 7 days in total. An official document (passport / driver's license) must be presented to receive a discount on the birthday of the program participant during the purchase. Birthday discount (10% or 30%) is not added to the discount card discount or VIP card discount. Birthday discount does not apply to special offers, promotional merchandise, Atelier merchandise, accessories, merchandise made with other brands, charity goods. The discount applies exclusively to loyalty card holders.

*The discount on the accumulation card and VIP card does not add up to special offers, does not affect the promotional goods, goods with seasonal discounts, goods of other brands represented in the store, charity goods. Discount card discount (5%, 10%) applies to all accessories and goods produced in conjunction with other brands (collaborations). The discount rate corresponds to the card discount (5% or 10%). VIP Cards - 20% discount applies to all ANDRE TAN products and accessories; for goods of ANDRE TAN KIDS TM, Atelier line and goods made in conjunction with other trademarks (collaborations), a fixed discount of 10%.

Exception: The discount card discount can be summed up with the promotion if it is stipulated in the promotion conditions. The card discount does not apply to the purchase of gift certificates.

*The validity period of the VIP card is 1 year from the moment of activation. The card is extended for the next year, provided that the card accumulates 40 000 UAH during the validity of the VIP card. If the VIP card holder does not make a purchase during the year for the amount corresponding to the VIP card category, the discount is reduced according to the amount of purchases for the year. In the absence of any purchases during the year, the VIP card becomes invalid. When exchanging discount cards, the previous card is deleted.